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Project Description

1. Adjustable Printing Carriage
The height of printing carriage can be adjustable and assemble precision be controlled within 0.1mm. It is established foundation for high resolution and quality printing.

2. Printing Carriage
Independent R D double heads split & joint adjustment. Let heads vertical calibration is easy and convenient. Printing heads height can be adjust 2~10mm adopting different materials thickness.

3. Materials Feeding Shaft with Emery
Increasing precision of printing materials supply and avoid slipping and harming the materials.

4. Automatic Cartridge Capping Station
The capping station is imported from overseas to ensure its reliability and permanence. It can protect and clean head efficiently and conveniently. It can clean head, moisturize and pump ink Full automatically. Keep ink supply system work fluently.

5. High Speed Fiber
We use high speed fiber to replace traditional data cables between main board and printing board. This will be faster and stable during printer working.

6. Servo and Step Motor
Both servo and step motor using brushless DC motor. High precision drive linearly decoded, lower deviation and run more stable.

7. Printing Materials Suction Fans
Using high quality force full fans can adjust wind speed though main board adopting different materials thickness and increase printing precision.

8. Japan THK Original Guide Line
Original import from Japan THK guide line can keep high precision, low noise and long time service life.

9. Full Format Paper Press Roller
Keep pressure of every paper press roller can be the same. Full Format design can reduce failure rateof printing materials playing drums and increase precision of materials step. Avoid any scratches between heads and printing materials.

10. High Strength Aluminum Alloy Frame
Avoid shaking during printing and increase stability of printer and keep high precision of output pictures

11. Reflective Panel of Maintenance Station It is convenient to check whether surface of heads cover impurities or not.

12. Increase Printing Quality
Original research two dimension intelligent and wave elusion function can avoid BANDING during printing to increase printing quality.

13. Constant Pressure Two Level Ink Supply System and Ink Tank
Keep inks supply height the same during printing and let heads have constant inkjet pressure. Can keep printers work more stable. 4pcs 1.5L huge, impendent ink tank and supply inks continuously.

14. Infrared + Dry Fans
Independent R D infrared and drying fans can dry printing materials in short time.

15. Double Motor Materials Taking Up Roller
Keep right and left have same pulling force can take up printing materials regularly.

16. VSDT Variable Dot Technology
VSDT variable dot technology can let heads choose different resolution for different quality photos achieve perfect printing.

17. SPECIFICATION Of FD1900 Printer