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Fedar, SkyColor and BoYin your best choice of sublimation, advertisement and textile printing solution. Fedar, SkyColor and BoYin means provides machine stability and ensured quality printing, competitive prices and after sales service make your best choice to meet your needs. Fedar, SkyColor and BoYin is one of the fastest dye-sublimation, Advertisement and textile printers on the market. Fedar, SkyColor and BoYin is the right partner in the fast-growing advertisement and textile markets with constant development efforts to make better, faster products for the textile and apparel industry. We are proudly Fedar, SkyColor and BoYin agent in Bangladesh. BoYin proudly introduce their brand name is: BY.Di. We ensured round the clock after sales service; our service team always ready to serve you.

We introduce Chinese best quality heating system hydraulic and roller. Our popular hydraulic heat machine model is: CP-9A and roller heating model is: CP-26B. CP-9A is a heavy duty semi-automatic dual shuttle oil powered hydraulic heat press.CP-26B digital variable speed control Oil temperature heating technology, liquid circulation thermal conductivity & automatic belt alignment system.

These are just three of the many facets of dye-sublimation printing to consider; Major three is: Printer, Ink Quality & heating system. It is important for quality and hygienic product. We proudly introduce CP9 sublimation Ink. It is Chinese ink but it is same as Italian grade high density ink. CP9 Ink use for Fedar, BY.Di, Epson, Roland, Mimaki, DGI, Motuh and so on Printer etc.